Nick Morrison

About Me

Hello, and welcome. My name is Nick Morrison, and I have a passion for BBQ, foodservice, cooking and event management. I have decades of experience in the industry, and I continue to work hard every day to make sure everything I am involved with is the best it can possibly be.

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Camp House BBQ Team

Established in 2014, this competition BBQ team is a descendent of a chain of restaurants in Hawaii. Now it brings the flavor to BBQ competitions across the country.

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Event Management & Business Consulting

Managing an event or running a business is never easy. It takes an ability to work hard, knowledge, and experience. Get some help from an individual who possesses all of these qualities. Best of all, the first consultation is always free.

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山人 Shan Ren

This Mountain Man (山人, Chinese: shān rén) is able to provide you with some of the greatest, rarest, and most exclusive products direct from Taiwan. Specializing in knives and teas (what a combination!) at affordable prices, Shan Ren’s items are sure to amaze and delight.

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Catering & Special Events

Special Events and Catering are what a young Nick Morrison cut his teeth on, and to this day it remains one of his greatest passions. From events big to small, he’s got you covered to make sure everything goes just right.

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Montana BBQ Association

The Montana BBQ Association’s mission is to foster the growth of BBQ in the great state of Montana.

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